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Nick and Kristy have been great to work with and produce a top quality GSP. Gus our 14 week old boy is not only a great family companion but is proving himself to be top in the field. At home Gus is a smart, calm, gentle, loving house dog.  He was potty trained easily, is leash trained to walk at heel, comes when called, sits, stays and kennels on his own without a peep. In the field at the NAVHDA practices he is rock solid on point, retrieves both dead and cripple birds to hand, has a huge nose and is super social with all the other dogs. This pup has been the talk of my local chapter and is being considered to have a huge amount of potential by other members some who are professional trainers. that also breed GSP’S. If you are considering this breed look no further than Nick and Kristy at Rock Creek Kennels for a great GSP in the home and out in the field!!
Tom and Amy Strating

German Shorthair pointer Rockcreek Kennels

I researched GSP breeders for several months before choosing Rock Creek Kennels. The website was impressive and the email response by Kristy was very quick. When our Izzy was born I received a phone call by Kristy that had a very personal touch, I could tell they really cared for the puppies and their dogs. When I met with Nick to pick my puppy out of the litter I was very impressed by the passion he had for his dogs. At 8 weeks old Izzy was already pointing the pheasant wing and loved retrieving all because of the hard work they had put into the puppies in the few weeks they had before their new owners came to pick them up. Izzy is 13 weeks old in this picture and as you can see she points the wing beautifully and has a serious drive to hunt birds. We are excited to see her grow into an amazing hunting and family companion for us. I would recommend Rock Creek Kennels to anyone looking for an amazing dog.

Michelle Pelzer


Rock Creek Kennels is truly amazing! Nick and Kristy are the most caring, helpful, compassionate and knowledgeable GSP breeders out there! Not only did they keep us informed every step of the way, but we were able to visit anytime we wanted and they welcomed us with open arms. As first time GSP owners, that was extremely beneficial for us as we had a lot to learn. The passion that Nick and Kristy have is shown through the quality of dogs they raise. We could not have asked for a better experience! We whole-heartedly recommend Rock Creek Kennels for anyone who is searching for the perfect GSP companion!

Kasey & Kyle


Kristy and Nick are the best people to work with! We absolutely love our Allie that we got from them! Thank you!


Rooster is my first German Shorthaired Pointer and I couldn't be more impressed. I've had other hunting breeds in the past that were great but none that hold a candle to this amazing canine. She has been incredibly easy to train. She responds so well to basic obedience commands, whistle commands, and doesn't think twice about engaging various terrains to track and search. She's got a nose that just won't stop. Being new to the GSP, she has done a great job of training me along the way. She provides a fascinating example of a bird dog's drive as well as a faithful companion at home. I believe her instinct and desire comes not only from a great bloodline but also from early exposure through Nick Figland to the basics of hunting, pointing, and retrieving.


I'm always very hesitant about getting a new pup and do not jump into the process lightly.  I take my time, do my homework, interview many prospects, and then repeat the process. Social media has changed the approach of finding just the right pup. I was willing to travel a good distance to find exactly what I was looking for. I interviewed people in South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, and a few other states. I traveled many miles just to get a glimpse at a potential pup. Breeders were flooding my inbox daily with photos and promises of excellence, some offering discounts and others wanting to control every decision for me and my future GSP.


I accidentally came across Rock Creek Kennels during my search. I never found them in all the standard Facebook groups. I never found them advertising on the popular gun dog sales websites. I virtually tripped over them while I was browsing month after month after month. I sent them a quick message and they responded promptly but did not give me the "sales pitch". I tucked their information away and kept my options open. I went back and watched their FB page for weekly updates on the litter of 16 puppies they had. Because I have experience as a Certified Veterinary Technician, I know just how much work, effort, and sleepless nights are involved with a litter that big. To keep them all alive is truly incredible and a testimony in itself. Nick and Kristy Figland's love for and dedication to their GSP crew is remarkably palpable. The Figlands made quite an impression as we noticed a well maintained and manicured lawn, exceptionally clean kennels, and probably most notable is the well-behaved manners of each dog. Not a single one of the adult dogs was wearing a shock collar, yet none of them barked or acted uncontrollable. I could sense the immense mutual respect between Nick and his dogs. They all responded to him so well and obviously eager to please. Nick appears to run a tight ship yet seems to do so in a gentle way and his dogs mirrored his expectations. Kristy is gracious and giving to the point that those pups were treated like her own special family and so welcoming and patient for all the questions I had. She was so accommodating with my requests for additional photos. 


The Figlands kept the records of my pup organized and provided a standard series of vaccinations, including Rooster's departure vaccine within my view the day we took her home. I asked Nick about the 16 pups; why I hadn't seen them advertised and why they didn't give me the typical sales pitch. Nick's tone was genuine when he explained almost all the pups already had homes by word of mouth and he doesn't raise them just to get rid of them. People know the bloodline and he pours his whole self into their success as hunters and companions. Rooster is evidence of the quality attention the Figlands give to their GSP crew.  I am thrilled that I have the honor of having such a stunning hiking and hunting partner. Thank you Nick & Kristy Figland! I absolutely love her! 


CJ Sullivan


Thank you Nick and Kristy, we couldn't be happier with out Rock Creek Kennel GSP.  We began our search looking to replace an older GSP who suddenly came down with cancer.  The ideal dog would be calm, friendly and great with people as I had no intention of taking her into the field.  What we got was so much more!  Pepper is not only all of the above, but a tremendously natural hunter.  Her love for the sport has made it a regular for the us on the weekends.  


This wouldn't have been possible without the Kristy and Nick.  They not only care about their dogs, but their clients as well - often reaching out to our family to check on Pepper's progress and exchange pics!  We had such a great experience, we are getting ready for number 2!  If you want a great dog - hunting or family, I couldn't recommend anyone other than Rock Creek Kennels for a GSP.  


George & Julie Lenyo

Northville, MI

Pepper 2.jpg

Where to start? We were a Vizsla house(3 over the years) with a year old currently in our house. Then last spring we met Nick and Kristy as our son was looking for a GSP. After someone backed out we got a last minute call from Nick saying he had what we were looking for...we jumped in the car and drove over 2 hours to meet Jerry. At 9 months old I guided at a preserve for a couple of friends. Jerry made a retrieve that would have been impressive from a seasoned dog. We then decided we wanted another Rock Creek GSP as my wife has always wanted a liver and roan and GSP. So on Mother's Day we picked up Otis! Even if your just thinking about a GSP Nick is worth a call as he knows most of the breeders in the area and will help direct you if he doesn't have what you are looking for at the time! I without hesitation highly recommend Rock Creek you won't be disappointed!

The Doyles


I bought my first hunting dog from Rock Creek Kennels! Awesome experience, Nick and Kristy are the best to work with! They care so much about the breed, very knowledgeable and helpful! Our pup Maggie is out of Callie/Cruz (9months old) and she has been outstanding! Easy to train and great companions! Rock Creek Kennels will be my only stop for pups in the future!

Shane Jensen

maggie 3.jpg
Maggie 2.jpg
maggie 4.jpg

Great people that provided us with a quality puppy. Very passionate about their dogs and it shows. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to them in the future.

Cody Olson

Kimber .jpg

Nick and Kristy are first class people and first class breeders of GSPs. My first experience with their kennel was a pup from a cross Rob Moerman from Abbe Lane Kennels did with his female to their male, Cruz. That male has turned out to be the most handsome, well-mannered, dynamic hunting dog I have had to this day. He is such a good dog I decided to find him a girlfriend, and course I turned to Nick and Kristy at Rock Creek Kennels to find a nice female for him. I liked the looks of the pups from their previous Kya/Diesel cross, and reached out to them about getting a pup from a future litter. We picked up Pearl on Memorial Day weekend of this year, 2022, and brought her back to Michigan. Within a week I had her out working on quail and she took to it right away and understood what her job is. Now at 14-weeks she is showing a ton of desire and boldness on birds and I am so excited about this young pup’s future. She is displaying qualities in a hunting dog that cannot be taught, only bred. Nick and Kristy are breeding some of the finest GSPs out there today; you can’t go wrong with a Rock Creek Kennels pup if you’re looking for a great hunting dog or companion dog, or both as mine are.  ~Eric Moor

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